Lovely Darling with sweetest facial expression. She is made by Kestner. The most lovely mold 167 in her darling cabinet size. She is 16inch. This beautiful girl is in her original stamped Kestner body with lovely blue sleep eyes. She is a rare small size of this Mold 167. Head: Her bisque head is perfect and free of any hairlines, cracks, chips with top quality modeling and painting of features. She has painted upper and lower lashes, thick feathered molded and painted light brown brows. She has a tiny spot of missing paint at the top corner of her right eyebrow. It was definitely done at the factory. It is not much visible. She has cardboard pate with two wigs. One on her wig is original to her but restored, and other is reddish hair with long braids. It fits her beautifully and could be styled to your preference. Markings on the back of her head: D / Made in Germany / 6 1/2 / 167 Body: She’s on her original antique wood and composition body, fully jointed and stamped Germany. The body is in very good original finish condition with minor and expected age wear to the varnish. Body markings: Germany // 1 Body has all its original finish with a little spot around neck area of paint touch up. She has all fingers and toes. No repairs. She holds a post fine. But some reason her upper right leg turns in a socket. Maybe the ball joint is a little too big. I really cannot tell. Clothes: She dresses in her cotton white party dress with some decorative blue and white added fabric to the front. She has a lovely straw bonnet with lace, flowers and ribbons. Underneath she has cotton undergarments, silk socks and shoes. This little Darling is a big desirable gem. This Angel Kestner is so precious and will be a great addition to your collection.

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