Antique German Mechanical Doll Mold 403 Kammer Reinhardt K*R This darling is almost 21” tall, she is an antique German Doll and attributed to Kammer * Reinhardt, her head was manufactured by Simon Halbig Porcelain Factory. . No damages to her bisque socket head. She is Mechanical walker. When you lift her right leg her head slightly moves to the right and back straight. There is a metal rod attached to her head and her right leg. The rod makes her head moves. Actually is very cool. She has a bisque socket head with beautiful expert painting to her facial futures. She has original sleep blue/grey eyes with wax, her rocker works, She has all around finely painted eyelashes and painted brows. She has an open mouth with four teeth, She has cardboard probably original pate with ash blond mohair wig. Her right cheek has a small rub. No damages to her head! Head has been light tested. The Head is marked Simon Halbig, K * R 403 Germany This doll is in her Antique German ball jointed paper mache walking composition body. The body made by Kammer Reinhardt factory. Her body is fully repainted with some repairs around her left shoulder... All fingers and toes. She strung very well and holds a pose. This girl is dressed in beautiful clothing. She is dressed in antique lined dress with blue silk bonnet. Underneath she wears vintage cotton petticoat and pantaloons. She has vintage oil cloth shoes with socks. Very lovely girl with so much charm and sweetness. She is all ready for your cabinet. She is gorgeous girl display ready! Thank you so much for stopping by.

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