This is a pretty hard to find doll made by Simon and Halbig for Adolf Hulss,circa 1925, the model is a near duplicate of K*R 126 model which was also made by S&H. The doll is 23-24” high. Lovely Toddler Girl with Bisque socket head and blue glass sleep flirty eyes. She has painted all around lashes, feathered brows, accented nostrils, open mouth, two porcelain upper teeth and tremble tongue. She wears beautiful blond mohair wig very soft with curls with cardboard pate.. Her eyes work fine, maybe a little bit off lined, but they move with no problems. The girl has no damages to her head. Marks: Simon & Halbig AHW (in circle) made in Germany 156, 12 She has a tiny white dot on her left cheek. The girl is in her original Antique German five piece toddler body, Her body is made of composition with very chubby tummy and limbs. Her body has some minor wear to her hands and legs. Please check her photos. A little crazing to the composition due her age. The doll strung good and holds a pose easily. Very charming Toddler dressed for holidays. She has a lovely toddler white dress with seafoam chiffon details. She has matching bonnet. Underneath she has lovely child slip with flannel pantaloons. She has cotton socks with toddler boots. Please check her photos and let us know if you have any questions.

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