All Original Handwerck 109 ~~ Darling~~ Layaway~~ Perfect~~17 inch Some one left a door open in heaven and look what got away! A beautiful precious little darling with gorgeous blue sleep eyes and a look of pure innocence. This angel is fully original in her original clothes from head to toe with antique original wig and pate. This girl is a wonderful example of the desirable mold 109. She is a beautiful cabinet size of 17 inch. Head: She has lovely bisque with exceptional facial features. Her head is incised // 109-7 ½ // Handwerck // Germany // The bisque has been light tested and is without hairlines, cracks or chips! Her precious head is possibly made by Simon & Halbig porcelain factory with exquisite painted features. She has beautiful blue sleep glass eyes with wax on the lids and painted all around eyelashes. The rocker is in working condition. She has feathered painted brown eyebrows. She has an open mouth with beautiful original four teeth and a dimpled chin. She has a original cardboard pate with an original mohair blond wig . She has pierced ears with glass bead earrings. Her Both her ears have a firing line behind. It is minor. Her cheeks are slightly blushed. She does not have any scratches or rubs to her face. She has a tiny wig pull at the top of her crown. It is very small and it is not visible under the wig. Body: She in her original Handwerck Antique German Wooden and composition ball jointed body with blue stamp. It’s Fully Articulated. Body has a blue stamp on her hip. Heinrich Handwerck// Germany Stamp slightly faded. The body has original finish with all fingers and toes. She is strung very well and can stand on her own and hold a pose. Clothes: She wears all original factory clothes from head to toe. Please check the photos. Her costume is made of blue organza. She has set of cotton undergarment with oil cloth shoes and cotton knit socks. Beautiful German Antique doll with a gorgeous presentation can be purchased on Layaway. This beauty can highlight any collection.

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