31" German bisque child "Walkure" by Kley and Hahn This doll is absolutely beautiful and in un played condition. No repairs or Repaint of any kind. She has a Bisque socket head which is absolutely beautiful and perfect! Her head is in Original condition with no Damages such cracks and hairlines and No repairs. She has large blue glass sleep eyes in original setting with original setting plaster and wax, painted lashes, brush-stroked brows, dark eyeliner, accent dots at nostrils and eye corners, open mouth, outlined lips, four porcelain teeth, pierced ears. She has pierced ears with vintage earrings. She has antique pate with long human hair blond wig. The wig is a little dry. She is in her original beautiful composition and wooden ball-jointed body. Body is gorgeous with no repairs or repaint. All original condition. Only a little tiny touch up to the spot to the neck socket. Marked Walkure Germany (head) Made in Germany (body). The doll is dress in antique child underclothes. She has antique black leather shoes with stockings. Her dress is made of red velvet with embroidery lace details. Over all the Doll is in Excellent condition, with original body and body finish. Kley and Hahn, Germany, circa 1900.

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