Wonderful Big Child Doll She is around 30-31" Well preserved and loved. This beauty has a beautiful facial expression with gorgeous sleep blue eyes. They are open and close, the eyes have original wax with original mohair lashes. She has antique original wig with cardboard pate. She has an open mouth with four original teeth. Her ears are pierced and she wears natural stone earrings No chips to her ear's lobes. Her head is checked for cracked and hairlines and she has NONE> She a very small blemish to the left side of her forehead. It is under the wig. She is in her original antique German wood and composition ball jointed body. Very heavy. This type of body was produced by Kammer Reinhairdt company. Body has normal very minimum aged wear without any repair or repaint. Only paint and chellac on her left hand is decolorated. She has all fingers and toes. Body is very well strung and she can stand without her stand just with a little support. She can pose on a stand. Beautiful antique clothing, probably used to belong a child. She has a dress and jumper with matching bonnet. Underneath she has slip with pantaloons and socks with shoes. All antique or old vintage. Wonderful child doll for your pleasure is all ready for display to joint your collection.

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