29 inch Antique superb Rabery Delphieu with upper row teeth. Size 4 ~ 1890ca+ Wonderful Stunning Doll by Rabery & Delphieu French Doll Factory. This was a small manufacturer of French bebes who produced dolls and bodies in a very small quantity. All their dolls were considered as very fine quality with the most realistic life like appearance. This big child doll has a Bisque head of superb quality without crack or restoration. She has a magnificent facial expression with beautiful painting, open mouth with upper row teeth which hard to find, beautiful large blue grey paperweight eyes and pierced ears with earrings. She has a tiny nick to one of her ears from wearing earrings.. She has a white missing paint dot on her forehead. The head is marked on the back with engraving // R.4.D. // She wears a long styled human hair wig with curls. The wig is handmade. She has a replacement plaster pate. The doll is in her very nice original body by Rabery Delphieu. It is fully articulated and made of paper mache with composition and wood. The body is in very good condition with straight wrist. This beautiful bebe is dressed in her antique silk emerald green dress which was restored. It is fully lined and fits her perfectly. She has a beautiful wired silk and lace bonnet with old millinery silk and velvet flowers. Nice antique underwear (long slip, panties and a petticoat entirely in antique lace). Beautiful kid leather shoes with rosettes. CONDITION: For an Antique Doll over 100 year old this French Bebe is an Excellent condition. Perfect Pale Bisque socket head with expert painting of facial features. Free of Restoration of any kind. The original body in very good original condition with original finish Her ball joints have some paint touch ups. She has all fingers and toes with minor wear to the finish.. She is tightly strung and easily can hold a pose. This Child Charmer is a rare to find exceptional beauty in outstanding condition for such a big size with stunning facial life like features. You can purchase her with out continent layaway.

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