17 ½ FRENCH BISQUE POUPEE BY BARROIS/ BLAMPOIX There are NO Accessories (such a stand, chair or little toys) come with doll. They are for Display purposes ONLY. Lovely French Fashion Poupee attributed to the Barrois or Blampoix doll firm, circa 1865. I have purchased her this way years ago. Some one just mention to me according marking on her shoulder plate she is Blampoix. So much mystery around dolls. Very lovely poupee with beautiful pale bisque and gorgeous cobalt inset eyes, good original body, She is 17 ½” . Marks. B 3 S. Her Bisque shoulder head is Free from damages Lovely Lady has very fine bisque shoulder head with almond-shaped cobalt blue glass eyes. Very pale complexion with slight blushing to her cheeks, She has painted lashes, multi-stroked light brown painted brows, closed mouth, unpierced ears. She wears antique light brown mohair wig over cork pate (seems original) Wig is a little worn. Her Bisque Hands look fine and I don’t see any issues. But I just realized that her head on a left side has a small line . I did not have any idea about that line until now She is in our collection for almost 5-10 years. I believe it is happened in a firing. Please Check all photos and you decide for your self. But I strongly believe it was done during production and did not consider as a damage to remove this doll from production. She is always in a cabinet with other dolls. Her body is original French sturdy modeled kid fashion doll body with bisque arms, gusset joints at hips and knees. Body has is very plumped with couple spots touch up with cotton gauze. She is beautifully dressed in antique plaid silk gown over cotton under dress with hand crocheted cape and lace. She has beautiful straw bonnet with wide brim. The dress is still very sturdy and displays very beautifully bit It needs a touch up in couple places at the bottom of the skirt. The best to make it a liner and set silk on a gauze liner. She has layers of cotton undergarments with socks and newer made leather boots. Gorgeous early 17” Barrois French fashion poupee with great original body with bisque arms. Ca.1865 Thank you so much.

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