28” Antique German Doll Queen Louise Antique Doll ~ 1900ca ~ Layaway~ Wonderful Girl in beautiful presentation. She was Manufactured in Germany by Armand Marseille and known as Queen Louise. She is almost 28" tall Head: This girl is in a beautiful antique condition with little imperfection to the back of her head. She has a firing line on her rim with invisible hairline. The hairline is stabilized. It happens during initial firing and was not considered a flaw to keep her from production Her beautiful head has a wonderful painting with shy expression. She has a bisque socket head, with painted low eyelashes, sleep brown eyes with molded and painted feathered brows. She has a replacement human hair wig with buckram pate. She has an open mouth with four upper beautiful teeth, and a dimpled chin. MARKS: 31 / Queen Louise / Germany / 11 Body: This girl is in her original Antique fully-jointed wood and composition body with very minor wear. Body has no repair or repaints. She strung wonderful and holds a pose. Clothes: This Sweet Girl wears white Empire-waist dress with short sleeves. She has a full slip with pantaloons, off white socks with oil cloth shoes.

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