Antique 28" Bisque Head Compo Body Baby Doll German Cuno Otto Dressel Jutta 1914 Wonderful big doll by German Manufactory Cuno Otto Dressel COD This girl is very lovely with her blue sleep eyes, painted eyelashes, and brows. She has an open mouth with upper teeth. She is Free from cracks or hairlines. Inside her head on a back she has a slight excess of the bisque which makes the surface slightly thicker. It is very minor and many dolls have it. You can only feel it by touching inside her head. It is not noticeable visually or by touching outside her head. It does not affect her beautiful head any how and you and you can feel it ONLY when when you touch the back of her head from inside. Very nice antique German body, fully articulated with red stamp on the back of her torso. Fully jointed no repaint or repair. Minor paint touch up around the neck socket of her torso. She has all fingers and toes. But the thumb of her left hand is repaired. Probably needs to be redone. She is stung well and hold a pose. Her clothes are very lovely, antique or vintage underclothes, old child button's up boots with socks. She has muslin dress with brown coat. I believe it was made by someone of antique fabric or lady's walking dress. It has a matching hat. Very lovely doll to add to your collection. Any questions please let us know.

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