23 1/2” Antique German Character by the most recognizable doll's manufactory by Kestner Factory! Close Mouth doll in a big size! Rare! Very pretty doll with very impressive facial expression and beautiful splendid eyes. The doll is around 23-24 inch standing. She has a bisque socket head with number 15. She has close mouth with very pale bisque and very sad expression. She has glass sleep dramatic eyes with painted lashes, with feathered brows. It seems to me her sleep eyes are in original setting. She has an original mohair hair wig . Wig is in a very good condition. She has a vintage cardboard pate. But she has an Inherited Hairline to her bisque head. I have sealed her hairline with epoxy! Please check photos. The line is very faint and not visible from outside of her head unless you shine her head with bright light. Lovely girl is on her Original wood and composition Early German ball-jointed body. The body is fully articulated with straight wrist. The body has almost all original finish except her upper arms. Her upper arms has no varnish and they are look a little darker compare to the rest of her body. Overall body is in original wonderful condition with normal aged wear. Her upper legs have paint touch up near the ball joints. She is lovely dressed in her antique white lawn dress with antique lace details. Dress is handstitched and restored with pink organza liner. Her underclothing is matching set (full slip and pantaloons) They are factory made and in perfect condition with tiny buttons I bet they are original. She has a lovely hat with vintage/antique flowers. Her underclothes are antique with reproduction burgundy leather shoes and cotton newer socks. Overall this wonderful Character is very desirable and lovely with expressive face with fine quality bisque and facial painting. Thank you so much for stopping by.

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