23" Antique Doll with Flirty eyes with Head made by Simon & Halbig for French Market Body is made by Roullet et Decamps. It is mechanical walking body with Key attached to the body. All in working condition., Head is Mold 1078 Today is a new walking/mechanical doll jointed our shop. She is lovely Simon Halbig Doll Mold 1078 and made for French Market. She is on her original walking body by Roullet Decamps. She has a Bisque socket head, blue/grey glass "flirty" eyes, painted lashes, brush stroked brows, accented nostrils, open mouth, four porcelain teeth, pierced ears with turquoise earrings. She has antique carboard pate with replacement mohair blonde mohair wig. She has glass grey/ blue flirty eyes with flirty mechanism installed inside her head. The eyes are perfect with no damages and mechanism is in working order. Only her right eye does not move. It is stucked with plaster in a eye socket. It is not a big deal it could be easily fixed. Head has No Cracks, Hairlines or Chips. Light Tested. Please see attached photos. Marks: 1078 Germany Simon & Halbig S&H 11 1/2. ~~~~~~~ She is on her original French Body. Body is in a good condition with minimum wear. Some paint touch up to her torso and wear to her upper legs. She has beautiful untouched hands and feet. ~~~~~~~ The doll has mechanical walking French body with little voice box inside. The body is made by Roullet Decamps. It is a composition and wooden body with hinged movement at hips, mechanical walking mechanism inside the body with key-wind at side torso. Her key is absolutely original with Abbreviation letters RD for Roullet Decamps. It works. The clock winding mechanism is inside her torso and key is attached on a side. It works pretty good. When I turn the key she starts shuffle her feet. The same time she makes some kind squeaky sound. Her head is attached to her arms and not to her legs as a regular doll because of the walking mechanism inside her torso. ~~~~~~~~~~The doll is wearing very pretty vintage silk dress with antique lace, Underneath she has three piece set of underwear. All made of fine cotton with antique lace. Beautiful antique button up boots with tassels. So sweet. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The doll is in a very nice antique condition with original body with almost most original body finish, with walking mechanism. When you wound the key, the doll "walks". Simon and Halbig, circa 1910, for the French market, with original key-wind walking body by Roullet and DeCamps. ~~~~~~~~~

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