22” Antique German Belton Bisque Solid Dome Shoulder Head Doll ~ Layaway~ I am selling a life time collection for a friend. All dolls from this collection are sold “As Is” This beautiful darling is a German Doll called “Belton Type”. She is a bisque shoulder head doll on cloth repaired body. She obviously was well loved and needs LTC. Her lovely sweet head resembles one of the most popular Belton doll’s Mold 137 or 136. She has gorgeous original set blue spiral eyes to die for. Head: Her solid bisque dome head with her shoulder plate have no damages, cracks or restoration. Only one negative thing what I can see she has a cheek rub to her right cheek. She has NO Markings to her head or her Shoulder plate from what I can see. She has syntactic vintage blond wig with original locks and style. It could be more styled or combed. It is Up to you. She has pierced ears with little vintage glass beads on a wire. I secured them with a little piece of tape from getting lost. Body: This precious doll is in a cloth body with composition hands and legs. The body is made of cloth and firmly stuffed. Her arms and hands are fine. Only a little chipping to her fingers to her right hand. Both of her legs are made of fabric and composition as well. They are covered with long stockings. I did not take them off to avoid any future damages. The body probably is not original to this precious head. It could be a good project to find her a great leather body but this doll is worth it. Until than the body is fine with no big damages or tears. It is a sturdy cloth and composition body. Her upper fabric leg parts are repaired. Her composition right leg has a little damage on the side of the composition. Any way the body holds together nicely and the doll displays beautifully. Clothes: She dressed in antique clothes. She has a lovely antique off white dress, with lovely antique slip. Her pantaloons are newer. She has stockings and lovely antique shoes. Shoes are in good shape. So this precious doll is very beautiful with her spiral blue eye and displays nicely. Any questions please let me know.

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