Beautiful Girl in her lovely outfit! Stand is included~~~ This sweet charming Darling was made by Simon Halbig Factory. She is mold 550. This darling is a wonderful early example the best of the best in the Doll Manufacturing. This girl is 22 ½” high. Head: Markings: 550 // Germany // Halbig // S H She has a perfect head with no chips, cracks or hairlines. This child has lovely sleep blue original eyes with eyelid wax. Perfectly painted eyelashes around her eyes, light brown painted brows. The rocker works flawlessly. She has a paper mache replacement pate and a lovely human hair handmade honey blond wig with lovely curls. She has an inherited firing line behind her left ear. It happened often during manufacturing of bisque heads.. Body: Wonderful original Antique German fully articulated body with original finish. No repair or repaint from what I can see. Some minor paint touch up to her tummy. All fingers and toes with some sign of red original outlines. ' The body is strung well and she holds a pose easily Clothes: She is dressed beautifully in a vintage fine cotton dress with embroidered lace . The lace is newer and added to the dress. She has pink silky bonnet to compliment her dress. The dress comes with lovely matching slip. She also wears a set of cotton undergarments, white socks and handmade fabric shoes. Please check all photos they are big part of description. Thank you so much for stopping by.

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