Beautiful Santa by Simon & Halbig. She is Mold 1249. Lovely girl is 21inch She has lovely bisque head and the most beautiful bright blue glass sleep eyes with an open mouth with four upper porcelain teeth. She's in excellent condition and dressed in the most beautiful silk couture costume. Head: Free from Hairlines and Cracks. She has a bisque socket head, with bright blue glass sleep eyes with wax, painted upper and lower lashes, and feathered brown brows. She has an open mouth with beautiful coral lips and a little triangle on her lower lip. She has four upper teeth, with a pale overall complexion and slight blushing to her cheeks. She has pierced ears with turquoise earrings. She wears lovely pale very soft mohair wig with replacement pate. She has a very fine firing line almost invisible behind her right ear She has a tiny little dot on her left cheek from firing. She has couple white dots at the top of her head. Check all her photos. Her lovely face has no rubs or scratches; bisque is very smooth and lovely color. Markings on the back of her head: S&H 1249 Dep Germany 10 Body: This lovely darling is in her Antique German original wood & composition body, fully-jointed. The body has all original finish with no repair or repaint. She strung very well and can hold a pose. Only very small paint touch up to her low arms. Clothes: This girl is beautifully dressed in her French couture silk ivory dress and bonnet. She has lovely antique set of undergarments with old leather white shoes and black stockings. The most beautiful Santa girl you possibly can find in her best silk couture costume. She is available with Layaway. Thank you so much for stopping by.

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