21” Antique Simon Halbig Doll Early Mold 719 Lovely Angel elegant and charming which would brighten any room. The girl is made by Simon & Halbig the most desirable and hard to find Mold 719 This Child has perfect bisque with brown stationary eyes and on her original wood and composition body. Her bisque socket head is Free from any damage, hairlines or cracks! Head She is incised with early marking S12H 719 DEP. She has original brown set eyes, feathered brows and around painted lashes, very cute little open mouth with row upper teeth. She has lovely pale bisque with slightly blushing cheeks. She has a cardboard pate and dark brown mohair wig. The wig is old vintage a cap is made of black gauze, it is worn. She has pierced ears with beads earring. She has a very fine firing line behind her ear. It does not consider as a flaw. It happened often to doll at the period of time. Body She is on her antique original German wood and composition body. Body is fully articulated and she can hold a pose easily. She is nicely strung. She does not have repaint or retouch. It is a fully original finish with original varnish, no repairs. She has all fingers and toes with red outlines. Clothes She wears an old cotton checkers dress with silk embelashments and antique and vintage lace. Her dress is very beautiful and has some worn spots which cover up with silk trim. She wears antique wool petticoat with set of old undergarments. She has old vintage/antique heeled leather shoes and silk little socks. She has an old antique or vintage made black hat with lace and old flowers to complete her outfit. You will certainly take a chine to her. This gorgeous Child can be yours and we offer layaway. Circa 1890

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