Very special Child doll with huge expressive brown eyes and adorable facial expression. She is an early Simon & Halbig doll a rarely found mold number 749. This precious girl has an early perfect pale bisque with square cut head which resembles French Dolls, 1893 to 1895ca+. Head NO hairlines, cracks, chips, wig pulls! No rubs or missing paint on her face! This child has a perfect bisque socket head with the best exquisite facial painting by the best experts~~~ Very fine quality pale bisque with expert decoration of features with a slight smile and six upper teeth. Her face is so adorable with brown stationary eyes and long painted upper and lower lashes, painted flat brows, pierced ears with turquoise earrings ( no ear chips), dimpled chin, very beautiful dark blond antique hair wig with long braids and pate. Marking: 749. DEP 8 Body: Lovely girl is in her antique original fully articulated body with all original finish with no repair or repaint. It is beautiful. Clothes: She comes with two outfits . She wears a wonderful Victorian dress with lovely bonnet. Her second outfit consist dark blue checkers dress with pinafore. Her undergarments are all antique. Beautiful antique dress with undergarments and antique dark leather shoes and silk socks. Please check photos for details. This Precious girl is a wonderful example of this very rare and beautiful character mold.

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