19" German Bisque Child, 1009, by Simon and Halbig The doll has bisque socket head with brown glass Set eyes. Her eyes are set and don’t sleep. They are set with possibility to use eyes to install them on a rocker to make sleeping eyes. Her eyes are not fully plastered with a purpose to be removed and reinstall as a sleep eyes. She has painted lashes and brows, open mouth, four porcelain upper teeth, pierced ears with earrings and cardboard antique pate. She wears very nice ash blond mohair wig. She has a firing line behind her left ear. It is minor. A lot of dolls have this, it happened during production and does not consider as a damage. Marks: S 9 H 1009 dep. Her head is free from cracks or hairlines She has an early composition and wooden fully-jointed body with straight wrist, body is completely repainted. She has all toes and fingers. Paint has minor chipping in a couple places. It is not very noticeable. The body is nice and sturdy. The body is strung well. She stands and pose on a stand. Please check all photos, they are a big part of description. The girl is very nicely costumed in a "Christmas Bunny Costume!" The costume is lined with white and pink cotton fabric. Her costume is decorated with peach rayon ribbons and peach cotton lace She wears Set of underclothes, socks and leather white shoes. Very lovely doll. Simon and Halbig, circa 1890. Any questions please let us know. Thank you so much for stopping by.

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