The shipping cost is estimated by RL calculator. We will do our best to ship the doll the best cheapest way as possible to your home. Antique German Doll by the King of Doll Makers Kestner Factory. Wonderful Rare to Find Particular Mold 152. This darling is exceptional quality and condition. This precious darling has perfectly originally match head and body. She is in pristine condition. And all ready to be display in your home~ Head Her bisque socket head is a high quality with expert painting. She has deep brown original sleep eyes in original setting, her original rocker works fine, wonderful facial painting, little open mouth with four glass teeth. She has lovely painted feathered light brown brows with finely painted all around eyelashes. She owns her original plaster Kestner pate. Her wig is made of soft angora pale blond mohair. It is restored and retains original gauze cap. Head is Free from Damages, Repairs or Hairlines. Head Markings Made in Germany // F // 1 0 // 152 Just a little note, her lovely precious bisque head has a tiny white spot at the top near the rim . It is under the wig and hard to see it. Body: Lovely Darling in her original wood and composition ball jointed body. Body is absolutely gorgeous with all original finish. This darling retains all original patina, lovely original Kestner finish. None played condition with red Kestner stamp. Body markings in Red Germany 2 1/2 Stringing is pretty good, she stands fine in her stand and can hold a pose. Clothes: Girl wears a lovely chiffon dress in Victorian style. Dress is hand made and very beautiful, the bodies is lined. She has lovely pure cotton muslin matching set of undergarments. Silk socks and oil clothes black vintage shoes. This beauty can highlight any collection. Please let us know if you have any questions

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