17”Antique German Doll Wonderful Cherub by Simon & Halbig Mold 1249 This sweetest angel is made 1900ca+ She made by Simon Halbig Factory and known as “Santa” She is a wonderful Cabinet size which I adore. She is 17” tall. She has lovely bisque socket head with brown glass sleep eyes, it seems like they are antique original, rocker works, and eyelids are painted. She has all around painted lashes and painted eyebrows. Eyebrows are not molded, I believe she is an earlier version of mold 1249 made by Simon & Halbig Porcelain factory. She has an open mouth with four porcelain teeth, pierced ears with dark glass earrings. She wears replacement goat mohair wig with probably original cardboard pate. Her head is Marked: S&H 1249 dep Germany 7. Unfortunately this little darling has some imperfections to her head. She has invisible hairline on a back of her head. Hard to see unless using a bright light. Also she has some wig’s pulls around the crown, they are under the wig. And the tip of her nose have a white spot of missing paint. The doll is in a great original Antique German fully articulated body with all original finish. She has composition and wooden ball-jointed body with no visiable repairs or repaint. Small touch up around her neck’s torso. All fingers and toes with red outlines. Her hands have all fingers and original to the doll. But her right hand is slightly bigger. I truly believe she left factory this way. She is nicely dressed in her antique dress with layers of lace and attached petticoat. I believe it was added to the dress. Dress is very nice. She has a straw hat with a little lace blue ribbon and fabric flowers. She has old vintage or antique undergarments. They look factory made, but I am not sure. She wears beautiful patent leather shoes with rosettes and antique socks. Just adorable Santa doll to add to your collection, She is as sweet as an Angel.

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