17 1/2" Antique German Doll Simon Halbig 1249 Santa sleep blue eyes vintage old handmade dress costume, antique lace. Today we love to add to our shop incredible and the most gorgeous doll. She is One of the favorites all time collectors. She is the most wonderful example of Simon Halbig doll Mold 1249 calls Santa The mold 1249 was produce around 1898 Ca+ Her Head is Free from Damages. Marks: S & H 1249 Dep Germany Santa 7 She has a beautiful pale bisque socket head with exceptional painting of facial features. She has precious little character look. She has original blue sleep eyes with original wax intact on her eye lids, painted all around lashes, painted and molded feathered brows, She has an open mouth with upper porcelain teeth, some reason the last tooth looks shorter, It looks like it happened during production. She has accented lips with a tiny triangle at her bottom lip. She has pierced ears with blue glass vintage antique earrings. She has a tiny firing line at the top of the one of her ear. She wears her long human hair wig with braids and ribbons, it seem like cardboard pate is antique.. Body: She is in her Antique German composition ball-jointed body with marking "Santa Germany" of the one of her feet. The sole of her other foot has been repaired and repainted. The body is nicely strung, with no visible damages. Some minor paint touch up to her feet and legs. One of her finger has a tiny touch of glue. She has most of original varnish and paint. All fingers and toes with red outlines. Clothes: Her clothes is gorgeous and handmade including vintage organdy dress. Her dress adorned with antique lace. She has a little lace bonnet. She has vintage undergarments with lovely artist made white leather boots with heels and dark socks. She is a very lovely Victorian Girl and definitely easy to fall in love. Thank you so much for stopping by.

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