16” German Doll By Kestner 152 and 8” Baby by Hertel Schwab This Lovely Kestner doll came to me with her baby Sister. The baby is 8 inch long and made by Hertel Schwab Mold 152. Circa 1910. Kestner Child Doll is 16” tall. Circa 1910. She has No Damages to her bisque socket head or to her body. Markings to her head: H made in Germany 12 152 She has original blue sleep working eyes, with painted eyelids, open mouth with four upper teeth, original Kestner plaster pate with old vintage ash blond wig. She has original Glaze paint missed during firing at the corner of her nose. Also she has a minor factory inherent mold flaw at the top of her forehead. Just a little spot of slight excess of the bisque. It is under the wig not really noticeable. I have examined it under a light and it is not damaged. The doll is in her original German old wood and composition ball jointed body. Body is in a good shape but professionally repainted, done well. She strung well. She wears dress all old period original clothes, lovely factory original dress with factory made set of undergarments. She has little lace hat with big bow and ties. She wears cotton socks with vintage sandals. Her baby sister comes with her; she has socket bisque head with old paper mache body. She has sleep eye, pate and tiny wig. Baby wears in all old clothes include old vintage dress with diaper. No shoes. Please let us know with any questions.

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