13" Rare German Bisque Gladdie, Designed by Helen Jensen. Circa 1925 Very cheerful and happy German Character doll named Gladdie, The doll circa 1925 was designed by the American artist Helen Jensen and commissioned by George Borgfeldt from German doll makers in both bisque and composition. This model is made in rare bisque version of the Gladdie character. She has superb sculpting and painting. Marking: Gladdie Copyright by Helen W. Jensen. Made in Germany. This German Character 13” tall and has Solid domed bisque head with flanged neck. She has sculpted short lovely hair with curls. She has tiny smiley blue glass eyes. She has open and close eyes. She has open mouth with four porcelain teeth and red tongue. Little darling is in her original muslin body with composition lower arms and legs. One of her leg has a little crazing. Very minor. I believe she wears her original pink pinafore with white blouse and pink striped dress. The dress is a little big on her and it can use some alteration on a back. She wears set original undergarments and shoes with socks. This doll is in original excellent condition. She can be purchased with Layaway. Thank you so much for stopping by.

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