Lovely petite 12” Darling Kestner with her trunk and Trousseau. She is in her original condition with No damage, repairs or repaint! This darling is in her original Kestner body with red stamp on the back of her torso. Lovely bisque head with almost pale complexion, slight blushing of her porcelain. Original sleep brown eyes. She is such a sweet doll and such a desirable size; she should be a treasure for someone’s collection. Head: Her head is incised // o// made in Germany// 4// 152 No repair or damages to her precious bisque head what I can see. She has original sleep brown eyes with all original wax intact. Her head is perfect in original condition with expert painting feature. Lovely pleasant facial expression with little coral lips and lovely tiny teeth. She has painted eyelashes all around with delicate painted feathered darker brows. She has a cardboard pate with brown mohair wig. I want to note that her left eye near her pupil has a little tiny brown dot. I believe it was done during the making of her eyes. It is not really noticeable unless you know, but you can see in the photo if you enlarge the picture. Body: Her body is very lovely, made of composition and paper mache with wooden ball joints. Her body has a red Kestner stamp with “ Germany // 2/0 // Her body has its original finish and has no repairs or damages except for some shellac loss on a top of her torso. Also the top of her upper right arm there is a little discoloration of shellac I believe it happened over the years. Also her index finger on her right hand has been repaired. It is not noticeable either. She has minor age wear to her body. She stung well to hold a pose. Clothes: This sweetest darling comes with an antique wooden trunk with extra costumes and other treasures. She would probably fit in the bottom of the truck but she has some treasures to keep there. . She has a lot of dresses and costumes. 1. The burgundy silk costume. It has sleeveless dress with pleated skirt and a little jacket with ties. It closes in the back with little buttons. It looks like it is vintage and professionally made for her. (Photo #2) 2. She wears vintage undergarments with lace on her slip, nicely made leather shoes and black socks. (Photo #3) 3. The extra two dresses in the trunk are antique or old vintage dresses. One is made of red and white polka dot cotton with antique lace and a lot of details. The second dress is made of antique lovely lace with cotton of white liner. These two dresses have a matching straw bonnet with accent cotton flowers and ribbon ties. (Photos #4, 5, 6) 4. One older vintage I call lawn costume. It has a matching prairie bonnet. There is a skirt and a blouse. All made of old fine cotton. It could be used as undergarments. (No photo attached) 5. Like any little girl she has her lovely sailor suit. It consists of three pieces. Sleeveless white dress, sailor jackets with matching tam. (Photo # 7) 6. She also has a little burgundy velvet party dress with sleeves and lace accents. It has closure on the back with two little buttons. This dress has a lined skirt with attached petticoat. It comes with matching bonnet as well. (Photo #8) 7. One more silk dress made of vintage brown checkers fabric with brownish accents trim and bow. (Photo #9) 8. Her wonderful wooden trunk is lovely decorated with die cuts and old child photo, Also there are a couple more things coming with this darling. A little pattern dolly hand embroidered by someone a long time ago and antique crocheted dolly. The trunk shows age wear to the finish. But I would say It is a perfect trunk in original condition from inside and outside. It has all original metal hinges, and metal lock which works. It has the original paper covering on the inside This darling Girl can stand or sit inside this trunk I was not able to attach more photos of this wonderful girl. But we have a lot of photos. If you are interested we always can send you extra photos. This little darling with her treasury trunk will make a fabulous display in your collection. Please let us know with any questions you may have. Thank you so much for visiting our shop.

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