30” German Character doll by Simon Halbig Mold 1248 aka "Santa" Beautiful doll by Simon Halbig. She is 30”tall with her shoes and wig on. circa 1900, The model was registered in Germany in 1898ca. You won't found the doll of this mold in this size too soon. She is Gorgeous with blue big sleep eyes and amazing antique lace dress. She wears all Antique clothes. Her Mold 1248 resembles to Simon Halbig Santa Mold Doll. She has a small triangle at the bottom of her lip. She is absolutely gorgeous with her long blonde wig and sleep blue eyes, painted eyelashes and molded and painted eye brows. She has open mouth with four upper teeth, she has repaired tooth. She has cardboard pate with very long human hair blond wig. She has pierced ears with earrings. No damages to her bisque head what I can see. Please see all her photos. Markings: 1248 // Germany // Simon Halbig // S&H // 13 1/2 She is in her antique beautiful German wood and composition ball jointed body. The body is gorgeous with all original finish with very minor wear. There are all fingers and toes with all original finish and red outlines. Doll strung very well but NOT too tight. I don't strung my dolls very tight it cause a lot of body damages or even brake her bisque head.. She wears Gorgeous antique lace dress with layer with peach silk sash. Underneath she wears antique child slip with antique pantaloons. She has antique child stocking and boots. All clothes are clean with no damages. She has beautiful antique crocheted bonnet with antique ribbons. Gorgeous doll with a lot of present! Please check all photos they are a big part of doll's description. Thank you so much for stopping by and let us know with any questions you may have.

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