25" Antique Doll Heinrich Handwerck Simon Halbig DEP with early "H" mark, Mold 99. Beautiful Darling 25inch made by Handwerck Doll Factory Heinrich Handwerck Doll Factory was located in Thuringia, Germany, circa 1890's. The heads for this manufacturer were made by Simon Halbig Porcelain Factory using Heinrich Handwerck own molds. Heinrich Handwerck factory is known for manufacturing their own doll’s bodies. This Darling was one of the earliest open mouthed dolls produced by Heinrich Handwerck Factory with early marking “H” and beautiful sleep blue eyes. She is in original Handwerck Body. This type of Handwerck body is unmarked. It has a wooden stick to keep her upper legs moving together. I have seen a lot of Handwerck bodies of this type. They are all unmarked. Head: Her head is Free from Hairlines. It has a flaw at the top of the head, the picture is attached. I am not sure if it happened during the firing at the factory or it happened later in the doll’s life. Markings on the back of doll’s head: 14 // 99 // DEP //Germany // H She has a beautifully painted face by the most recognizable experts of the doll industry Simon Halbig company. She has sleep original antique blue eyes with beautifully painted all around eyelashes, her eyelids are waxed. There is a small paint touch up to on her right eyelid, she has open mouth with four upper teeth. Her sleep eyes work fine but the rocker is a little sticky. She has slightly blushed cheeks with delicately painted red lovely lips. Her ears are pierced and she wears glass earrings. I don’t see any ear chips. This Girl has two wigs. One of her wigs is made of blond mohair. Someone refurbished it and the hair is attached to the cotton cap. I believe it was done by using her original wig. She also has a second brown wig which is made of synthetic mohair and styled with braids. Body: Her original composition body is wonderful! The body has most of its original finish; maybe some paint touch up around the joints and her hands. She has minor age wear to the composition with some lines on her left leg. There is an imperfection to her hands. One of her hands is smaller than the other. It is not very visible and if you don’t know you won’t notice the difference. Photo is attached. I believe her hands are original to this body, and probably it was a mix up at the factory because her hands look identical to me. The body has good stringing and she can hold a pose. Clothes: This lovely Girl is wearing her sweet pink silky dress with lace and matching bonnet. The dress is fully lined and nicely made. A little hair peace is made of the same fabric with the same lace. She wears a set of matching undergarments which are made of old vintage baby shirt. She has black socks with white oil cloth shoes. This darling is really sweet and lovely in a big size with her magnificent blue eyes. Please examined all photos and ask questions if you have them before making your purchase. Since USPS is very expensive we use FedEx to ship our dolls from the East to the West. The doll will be shipped with signature confirmation and insurance. You can contact us for the shipping cost. Thank you so much for visiting our shop!

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