Today we have a new doll in our shop. The most desirable precious girl. She is Kestner Mold 143. She is a perfect cabinet size and only 14” The doll is absolutely adorable and in very good condition with no damages. This little Kestner is very sweet and well dressed in her lovely “Turkey red” checkers silk dress. The doll has socket bisque head with sleep original brown eyes, with painted all around lashes and feathered eyebrows. No damages to her head, No hairlines or chips. Her head is properly marked by Kestner company. Please see attached photos. She has open mouth with cute two upper original teeth. Pate is replaced with antique cardboard pate. I made her wig of goat mohair. It is blond mohair wig. She has a tiny dark dot above her right eye under her eyebrow. Probably easily can be removed. This lovely girl is in her original Kestner made wood and composition body fully articulated. Her body is beautiful all marked with red Kestner stamp. All original finish. Very minimum wear to the body, some very minor tiny paint touch up to the joints. Only her low arms and hands are repainted. I have no clue what was the purpose to repaint her arms and hands. I don't see any repairs or restoration underneath or to her other body parts. She has old antique pantaloons and slip. She has white socks and red leather shoes. Shoes are replacement buy fit her perfectly. They are very cute and well made by Artist Beautiful cabinet size doll with a lot of charm. We welcome any questions. Thank you so much for stopping by.

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