23" French Eden Bebe DEPOSED Paris Model, Size 11, By Fleischmann & Blodel, circa 1895 Accessories Are Not Included This beauty has a very lovely bisque socket head and made of pale porcelain. I believe it dated from 1895ca+. She has very attractive grey paperweight glass inset eyes with black eyeliner, painted lashes with brush stroked and feathered brows, upper row of porcelain teeth. No DAMAGES to Her Bisque Head She has some specks around her left cheek and at the corner of right site of her nose. It is on a making of the bisque. Really won't see it unless use magnified glass. Her left eye has a bubble it is very tiny and done during production. It does not disturb her beauty. It is not a flaw or anything. She wears cork pate with dark brown human hair wig. She is on her Antique French composition and wooden fully-jointed body. She strung well and can pose. Body has no damages, repairs or repaint. She wears old vintage or antique burgundy French dress. It made of pure sturdy silk. The costume consist two pieces of sleeveless dress and jacket. All lined. The dress is restored with cotton liner. The jacket has silk liner, which start melting. Liner could be replaced or just removed. She has a beautiful antique silk and lace bonnet, antique underwear, brown suede shoes with rosettes and silk socks. Very lovely doll to add to your collection.

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