~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WE accept payments by check for layaways or PayPal transfer to Friends and Family, Any Credit or Debit Card with One time payment by Square. PayPal ONLY to Friends and Family. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 20” Antique French Doll by SFBJ Mold 301 Lovely sweet child doll with original sleep sky blue eyes in original setting. She is 20 inch standing She is made by SFBJ factory France Mold 301 Head: The Doll has NO Damages to her Head or Her Body. This girl has a beautiful slightly pink bisque socket head with beautiful sleep glass eyes. She seems used to have mohair lashes but some mohair still there. She has original eye wax to her sleep eyes. The doll has pierced ears but no earrings. The ear holes are very tiny to insert earrings. Her sleeps eyes open and close. Eyes don’t close all away They were installed this way because of eyelashes. She has no repairs to her head, she has a small white missing pant white spot on her forehead. It is under her hair, and covered. She wears beautiful full vintage blond mohair wig with replacement buckram pate. Marks: the back of her head is engraved with SFBJ // 301 // France // 8 Body: The doll is in her original marked with number 8 SFBJ matching body. The body is fully articulated and marked with number 8. The number is engraved in a back of her torso. I have attached photos to the listing. She has all original finish and very little wear to her joints and fingers. She is nicely strung and hold a pose. Clothes: She dressed lovely in vintage organza dress with details and lace. The dress is made of pale yellow organza with valance and lace. It has burgundy silk details. The dress has pale yellow line. She has a straw hat with lace and ribbon. Underneath this girl has antique undergarments. I believe they are factory made and possible belong to her. She wears vintage off white reproduction leather high button up boots with heals and silk socks. Beautiful girl full of life and love. She could be purchase with layaway. Any questions please let us know. Thank you so much for stopping by.

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