Very lovely cabinet size Antique French Bebe by Rabery & Delphieu with bisque socket head and fully articulated body by Rabery & Delphieu. This bebe is a great Cabinet Size. She is size 4 and only 15 1/2" tall. She has lovely bisque head with blue/grey paperweight eyes, all around painted lashes, painted feathered brows, She has pieced ears with turquoise earrings no chips to her ears. She has open mouth with row of upper tiny teeth, shaded and accented lips. She has dark blond very soft French Mohair wig over replacement cork pate. She has tiny specks on a side of her face, it is in clay. Some kind stain on end of her pointy nose. Just need cleaning. Her head is Marked: R.4 D. Her head is Perfect, it was light tested. No restoration or cracks. But she has some small chips at the crown edge on the back of her head. This darling is in her original Antique French Body made by Rabery & Delphieu factory with all original finish. No markings to her body but you can find it this type of bodies on Doll reference book. Her body is made of composition and wood. Fully joined. Body is in pristine condition with extremely min. wear. Almost none. Only her right hand has a small chip of composition to the ball joint. Her body is well strung. She has all fingers and toes. She wears a pretty French costume. made of antique silk fabric with matching hat. Dress is lined. Very beautiful costume. She has set of cotton undergarments, antique socks and antique leather boots. This precious darling is all ready for your display. She is in a clean condition with No odor of any kind. Please see photos they are a part of our description. Thank you so much for stopping by.

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