Lovely silk costume for your French or German Fashion Lady Doll. There is No doll in this listing~ There are three pieces jacket and the skirt and matching velvet bonnet with lace and ribbons. It is made of beautiful pale green silk with lase detailing. It is a vintage handmade silk costume. The jacket has a lineup and close from the front with three metal snaps. The skit is very full. It’s not lined has a hook closure on a back. Costume is handmade by some one with mostly hand stitches. The costume fits a doll around 22-23” tall with a waist 13” or a little more around. Measurements: The doll is 23” tall. The body is modeling this costume is 18” long standing. From the neck to the bottom of their feet. The jacket is 6 inch long from the neckline to the waist. The sleeves are 6” long 6” wide between shoulders The skirt is 14 1/2” long from the waist down to the hem of the skirt The waist line is 13 1/2”-13 3/4” around when it’s closed. Please let us know if you have questions.

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