Note: There are multiple listings of this doll in different outfits and wigs. You may pick your favorite for purchase. As soon as doll sold the other listings will be removed automatically. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ There are no accessories included with this doll. No stand or any little toys. ~~~~~~~~~ Today we are offering for you the most desirable and highly-treasured Cabinet Size Simon Halbig Doll Here is a Very Rare Closed Mouth variation of Simon & Halbig Mold 939. This is an early production. Circa 1885 This particular doll is the most beautiful with her big Spiral Cobalt set glass eyes in almond-shaped cut. She is just Stunning Doll! Some photos were made outside, they are much clear and brighter but darker photos are inside the house. She stands at 17 1/2 - 18” tall on her original fully jointed, wood and composition body. This darling has a pale very fine bisque socket head with very lightly blushing to her cheeks with expert painting to her facial features. She has painted upper and lower lashes, thick painted flat feathered brows. She has a closed mouth with coral lips. Her ears are pierced with blue crystal earrings. She wears a beautiful very long mohair wig. The wig probably was restored or altered from old vintage or antique. It is a hand tied mohair wig. She has cardboard pate but not original.. Her head is Free from Cracks or Hairlines. Note: She has a very small patch to her neck socket. I believe it was a little scuff to her bisque at the button of her neck socket and it was touch up with paint. Also want to mention she has a small nick to her left ear hole. Please check all photos. She is in her original Sonneberg composition and wooden ball-jointed body with straight wrist. Body is fully articulated. The body has some normal aged wear but has no repaint. I can see Only discoloration to shellac at her neck torso. She is beautifully dressed in a lovely cotton pale pink dress with overlay antique beautiful lace. Lace a little worn and old. She has lovely lace bonnet. There are cotton three piece underclothes; she has cotton stockings and brown leather shoes. Please check all photos. We have more photos if you need some particular ones. The photos are a biggest part of description. Please let us know we any questions you may have.

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