19” Antique German Character Rare Found by Simon Halbig Mold 949 Very Early Mold Very pretty doll with very impressive facial expression and beautiful spiral blue eyes. The doll is around 19 inch standing. She has a bisque socket head with original stationary blue spiral glass eyes; she has painted lashes, with painted feathered brows and open mouth with two upper teeth. She has pierced ears with earrings. She has ash blond human hair wig with beautiful locks. It is handstitched. . She has a buckram pate. She is very pretty with her magnificent eyes. She has No Cracks or Hairlines to her bisque head. We have lighted her head in a dark to check for cracks or hairlines She has a white dot to her left cheek probably is missing paint. The doll is on her Antique German Fully jointed body and articulated, no repair or repaint I can see. Just a tiny little spots of repaint around her neck and ball joints areas. Her feet are a little shiner from the rest of her body. It might someone refreshed them with shellac. Markings: Head S 10 H / 949 Her body is stamped on a back of her torso with 47 She is lovely dressed in her two piece pale blueish green costume. I believe it is made of silk by factory. It is lined. She has a straw bonnet. Her underclothes are nice, her pantaloons are antique and repaired on a back, she has cotton full slip factory made, she has long cotton socks and oil cloth black shoes with buckles. Overall this wonderful Character is very desirable and lovely with expressive face with fine quality bisque and facial painting. Thank you so much for stopping by. Please let us know with any questions.

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